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  • Nottingham Forest features in the new Apple iPhone advert

  • Growing up in Nottingham I supported the local team Nottingham Forest. I resisted supporting successful or so-called “glory” teams and in hindsight this has probably helped me in life as being a Forest supporter can teach you how to manage life’s little disappointments.


    Over the last few years I have acquired another love in my life, Apple products. I have a problem and own 6 of their gizmos, it’s not an addiction yet but I can safely say I am a “fan”.


    I was elated when I saw Nottingham Forest featured on the new Apple Iphone advert. Nottingham Forest do not get much airtime these days and to see my beloved club just for 5 seconds on TV gets my attention especially when it is featured with one of my favourite brands and with one of the most innovative products of all time.


    The ad shows a man supposedly at The City Ground asking his phone to show where his brother is through the voice application Siri. The Iphone uses the Find My Friends app to shows his brother is just outside the stadium, probably stuck queuing at one of turnstiles.


    In my mind I would like to think Apple have picked Nottingham Forest to be in their ad, as we are a great club with a fantastic history, but the reason is probably far more random than this. Maybe Apple chose Nottingham Forest, as we are quite an inconspicuous and uncontroversial team these days. Derby, Leicester and some old Liverpool fans may have a hatred of the club, but in the grand scheme of football rivalries we are not in the same league as teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and other top teams and therefore there is a lesser chance of alienating viewers. Also these top teams probably would want a huge fee to be involved in an advertising campaign.


    Watching the advert you may wonder why the voice dubbing is worse than a Kung-Fu B-Movie, but you have to consider that Apple’s adverts are shown all round the world and are filmed in such a way that they could set in any western country. I would guess that in different countries another club that plays in red replaces Nottingham Forest. However like most of our strikers this season I may be off-target, but what I do know is that this advert got my attention and made a football and technology fan very happy.




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    By Christopher Fitton


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