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  • The John Lewis Advert Lowdown
  • Here is my video vlog on the new John Lewis advert and the secrets they use to get you to like the advert.
  • Nottingham Forest features in the new Apple iPhone advert
  • Growing up in Nottingham I supported the local team Nottingham Forest. I resisted supporting successful or so-called “glory” teams and in hindsight this has probably helped me in life as being a Forest supporter can teach you how to manage life’s little disappointments.
  • We are the one and only!
  • We want to announce that Stamp Marketing has successfully been registered as a trademark. So we are unique in being the only marketing and business agency and consultancy that can use Stamp as a trademark. Accept no substitutes! By Christopher Fitton
  • SIFE
  • SIFE, or Students In Free Enterprise, is an international non-profit organisation that works with leaders in business and higher education to help university students make a difference in their communities. They also enable students to develop the skills they need to become socially responsible business leaders.
  • The Oxford Street Dental Practice
  • The Oxford Street Dental Practice is the premier dental surgery in Nottingham. However, their branding and website had begun to look tired and outdated, and the website had a low ranking with the major search engines.
  • The Pavilion Brand
  • Pavilion, a fashion retailer commissioned Stamp to help with its brand and marketing strategy. Stamp worked with Pavilion to help develop and focus the brand. We came up with a fun and fresh fashion brand campaign that really positioned Pavilion as a unique force in fashion. As part of the strategy, Stamp wrote a complete brand book that outlined their passion for fashion and included everything that Pavilion needed to take the brand forward.
  • Welcome to the new Stamp Marketing website!
  • Stamp is pleased to announce the launch of the new Stamp website. Stamp offers a full marketing and consultancy service to businesses and organisations throughout the UK. We are looking forward to help our clients with their marketing needs in the immediate future. Please take a look through the website and feel free to talk or connect with us, let that be over the phone, face to face or through facebook and Twitter.
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