How do we work?

Stamp Marketing is all about flexibility. So the way we work depends entirely on your company, what you need and your budget.

With every client, we begin by having a good, long, in-depth discussion about you and your business.

We get to grips with your company and the market you’re in. We get an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and those of your competitors. We find out where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Above all, we get to the heart of the challenges you face and the objectives you want to achieve.

And then we devise a unique marketing strategy that will help you to achieve these objectives and grow your business. Your marketing strategy will use both online and traditional media to help your brand engage with your target audience.

From here, the choice is yours. We can work closely alongside you to put our marketing strategy into action. We’ll be your outsourced marketing department cost-effectively managing the whole communications campaign for you throughout the project.

Or, if you have the necessary skills in-house, you can take our marketing strategy and run with it yourself. Or you can use us on an ad hoc basis for one-off projects when you need help with a particular problem or at certain times of the year.

Stamp worked with Contemporary Temporary to develop the Brand Book for our 'Pavilion' project. They did a fantastic job, and worked smoothly, professionally and efficiently. We were very happy with the service, and will be returning for more work in the future.

Bobby Goulding, Director
Contemporary Temporary

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